Do you often feel like you must quit it now? Is Life no more an adventure? Well, then you need to take care of yourself because this is one of the beginnings of depression.

Unfortunately, the curse of depression has grown rapidly in last few decades. Despite having a wider social circle, people feel isolated and alone.

In the beginning, the signs of depression could be, one feels alone, tired, isolated, bored and pained, but at the worst scenario, it often leads towards the suicidal thoughts, thoughts of running away and sometimes a major nervous breakdown.

Nowadays the world is moving towards globalization, all the concepts of waiting are eliminating from our lives, remember once we were supposed to wait a lot for receiving a single mail from our beloved, contradict to this today we can get them live on a single click. But, with this growing technology, something else is also growing day by day, depression! Yes, depression or depressive disorder is a feeling of unbearable burden of sadness, loneliness or isolation, this occurs usually because of mental disorders. Depression affects the mental and physical health of a person and worst thing in this disorder is the patient is not ready to admit himself as a patient and world concludes that the person is completely mad.

What are the possible reasons for depression?

There are many depression facts in this world, depression may occur due to many reasons, just have a quick look on few of them:

Fear of losing something

The fear of losing something that could be a position, person or any possession, or it may occur due to the feeling of scarcity, if you feel that you are willing to get something but, you are unable to possess it, moreover sometimes because of external factors and social issues, anything could be a reason. Scientist claim that this condition occurs due to the imbalance of brain signaling chemicals, which do not respond properly and effects the health gradually.

Virtual race

Running away from the nature to find out the perfection is one of the greatest reason for depression. Most of us are spending much to get an artificial life, marketers play with our fears of not getting accepted by the society and we run towards that fake world without thinking about the outcomes.

Lack of proper diet

Nowadays, least group of people work on their daily diet plan. Junk food and the worst routine of a meal is adopted much especially in south Asian countries. This often makes your mind feel tired and burdened.


Thinking too much about something may cause depression, one thing that is irritating you, can cause as same as a physical pain to your brain. Most of us have reduced optimism and we think more negative.

What are the common symptoms?

A person who is going through depression may face the variety of symptoms, but mostly in the beginning people complaint about a headache, loss of interest or feeling of sadness or loneliness. However, in further or worst-case people also complained about the following:

  • Restlessness, tiredness or agitation.
  • Lack of focusing on daily matters.
  • Reducing energy, without any mental or physical workout.
  • Hopelessness or worthlessness is felt.
  • Horrible dreams.
  • Seeing horrifying things, that are not realistic.
  • Thoughts of suicide or dying.
  • Thoughts of running away from everyday life.

Natural ways to fight depression

We are fortunate that we live in this century, decades ago people who faced depression were declared mentally retarded or under the influence of some ghost or spirit. Today we have the opportunity and facility of consultancy by experts. Also at the beginning level, we can search about such feelings on the internet. By adding few things to your daily routine, you can easily get rid of this poisonous disorder.

  • Meditation

If you are feeling that you are going towards depression so you should try meditation, by going towards the nature you can avoid the external influence of this material world, in this way you can prevent yourself from entering the worst-case.

  • Medication

You can also get rid of this condition by consulting the doctors and asking them to treat you with antidepressant drugs, they can also suggest you some light drugs along with some mental exercise.

  • Psychotherapy

Most doctors suggest you, go through counseling along with the medication because they think that this is the best way to curing depression.

  • Be optimistic

Everything happens for a reason, keep this in mind that life is not a bed of roses, whatever you are going through will not last forever, things will go better. Sometimes on the worst days, we find our hidden strengths. Think in this way and don’t let your negative thoughts hijack you.

  • Make yourself a priority

Learn to say no, organize yourself, don’t overburden yourself. Be your best friend, make yourself a priority. Do whatever you feel like doing, remember that life is the just one-time game, it won’t give you another chance, so try to make it as much as possible.

  • Give yourself surprises

Wondering how? Ok, let me tell you. When you feel like you are not ready to do something, don’t burden your soul, give yourself a surprise and try something totally out of the way. Keep this in mind that in your old age you will live with memories, so make sure you are collecting them in your early age as much as possible.

  • Take a break

One of the most effective ways of fighting depression is, take a shower. Whenever you feel like you need a break, take a nap or shower. This would relax your mind much and make you feel lighter.

  • Make a time for your hobby

Hobbies must be made the priority in one’s life, no matter what the age is, in which stage of lifecycle you are, make time for your hobbies, enjoy your life by doing little things.


The human being is a social animal, he needs love and care, depression mostly occurs when we feel the scarcity of love and care, we can help each other from avoiding these thoughts and conditions by taking care of one another. We can spread peace and love in the world by getting closer to each other and by becoming a good listener.

Life is an adventure, don’t spend it, try to live it, try to love it. Believe me, the time which has gone won’t come back to you. So, live it today so that you can love it tomorrow.