What if the world was only black and white? Sounds boring? Well, we all know that colors are blessings. We enjoy everything in this world because of colors. They have a great impact on our lives. In the world of psychology, every color has its own story. It is fun to know that and explore the hidden treasure.

Here we are going to share a work which is adventurous, informative and interesting all in one. We are going to discuss that whether your favorite color represents your personality or not? This has been discussed many times before as well, but let’s try by our own selves.

Personality according to the choice of colour


Starting with the black, people who like black are dominant, aggressive, they are strong, courageous, bold and a great secret keeper. As this color is famous for absorbing the energy, similarly people who like this color absorb energy from their surroundings. They have outstanding compatibility. They are their own identity, type of person. They are a very good team player and a perfect manager.


People who like blue are calm, peaceful, happy go lucky, caring and enthusiastic. Like water, they have the ability to adjust themselves. Like the sky they are broad and true, they accept realities, they love to live with joy. They never fail to amaze anyone with their extraordinary capabilities.


Pink is all about smooth and beautiful, people who like pink color are romantic, sensitive and soft-spoken. They live in fairy tales and often escape reality by diverting their mind. They are the good listeners. They are kind hearted but often seeks for approval of others. They often choose to be diplomatic when the situation is going worse.


Orange is the color of energy. People who like orange color are energetic, creative, smart and talkative. They never feel shy and speak up their heart. They like adventures, hanging out, great social circle. When it comes to be a fan, none can beat their craze. They are selfless lovers and like spreading love all over the world.


Purple is the color of royals, people who like purple color likes to be felt and treated like a king or queen. They are dominant and never like to listen no. They are smart and outstanding performers, they love to be loved. They are most caring and sensitive. They know the best when to act like a fool.


People who like red color are fun loving, creative, loving, extremely romantic, smart. On other hand, they are short tempered, aggressive and sometimes judgmental. They are quick decision makers and often their decision is influenced by the external factors. They often decide things on the basis of their past experience.


People who like yellow color are outspoken, they often speak then think. They are sensitive, caring but can go cold suddenly. They love extremely and hates extremely; the problem is they don’t have any basis for loving and hating. They are very expressive and helpful. They possess extraordinary creativity level. They know how to make their beloved happy and feel special.


People who like brown color are isolated, they like being alone. They are judgmental and often make their decision on the basis of their thoughts which bother them all the time. They are very unpredictable and you cannot read their mind easily. They have a small group in which they open up to.


People who like white color are true, down to earth and possess the theme of spirituality. They have a great ability to adjust with others, they are calm, peaceful and caring. They have a great ability of accepting things, the way they are. They are very good learners and they love to learn new things.


People who like green color are forgiving in nature, they are role models and most near to the nature. They know how to grow, the possess the qualities of plants, they selflessly help others. They are strategic planners and the best advisers. They are courageous, transformational leader and spread a long-lasting impact on the life of other people.


These are not all, but most of the people fall under these color choices. Now it’s time to find out whether your choice of color represent your personality or not! Enjoy it and share with your friends to explore this reality.