Time to understand and eliminate this curse

Childhood is the best time of one’s life, but all the children are not lucky enough to enjoy it. Many children are those who run their families by earning a very low amount of money after working for a lot of hours in a day. Yes! This piece of work is to highlight one of the worst issues of our society, that is Child Labor.

All around the world, especially in third world countries this practice is being observed for last many decades. Unfortunately, not only small-scale businesses but also giant names are involved in this unethical practice.

Child labor includes all those employment from which the childhood of a child suffers, physically, mentally or morally. Other than this any job that is a hurdle for a child to attend his school on daily basis is referred as child labor. Worldwide this practice is illegal but still in this modern world we still witness it in many countries.

Why does it take place?

There are several reasons which become the cause of child labor, a detailed description of those reasons is given below:

Primary reason

Poverty is blamed by the international labor organization as the only reason for this practice. Parents sacrifice the childhood of their flowers so that they don’t need to strive from hunger. One or more child of the family is forced to do the job which affects his or her mental and physical health so that the betterment of the environment of the home could be attained. Other than this many villages are not having the facilities of schools and training institutes, so the children living over there have no activity other than getting employed and work for so many hours.

Macroeconomic reasons

Many studies show that child labor is caused to keep the balance of demand and supply. Hiring an adult labor to meet the demand and fulfill the supply costs high to a company, that’s why mighty companies hire children as labor and burden them with work. These children belong to needy families and their parents force them to work for just a very little amount of money.

Cultural reason

Many countries follow their cultural and traditional values which were set by their ancestors in the past. They still claim that for the development of a child it is necessary to make him do a job. Other than this many of them still think that education for the feminine segment is just a waste of money and time, so they believe that the girls at the young age must be employed and engaged some activity of earning money, such as house cleaning, babysitting, or cattle sitting.

Where is child labor practice on the globe?

Child labor is an international issue. You will be surprised to know that this practice not only takes place in poor countries but it is also being conducted in superpowers. The countries where child labor practice takes place in a huge ratio includes colonial empires, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Other than these countries the practice is observed in more countries but on a short span or negligible.

Mighty organizations involve these little hands in production and operation activities of their business without even realizing how harmful these could prove to them. Some of the major incidents of child labor practice spotted by UNICEF are mining in Africa, meat packing in a kosher meat company, H&M, Zara, Nike leather and cotton works, silk weaving, Primark in cloth manufacturing. This is the list of few child labor organizations, whereas this practice is taking place in many others as well.

How could we eliminate this curse from our society?

Always NGOs are not the only solution. If we really own our country, our world then as being an individual we can do much for wiping out this curse from our globe. Try to educate and aware people about the physical, mental and moral harms of these practices. Help them in understanding the value of human life, their family, their children and the childhood which they are sacrificing. Motivate them to create an educated society. Bless them with love and care to make them feel that they can do it.

“World could be a better place, just we need to own it”