Nowadays, personal blog websites are ranked better on Google, and they don’t have much effort to promote optimization. Therefore, these personal webmasters should be very simple in terms of artificial search engine optimization (SEO), so they can be in their own. The blog started to advertise, and the low price gave the customer a SEO optimization, but when these personal webmasters connected to the corporate website, they found that the seo optimization of the enterprise station was completely different from the blog, so they could not start, and they could only stop halfway, often giving The company brings no small losses.

The root cause of this phenomenon is that the personal blogmaster simply did not figure out what SEO optimization is, thinking that his blog ranks up and proves that his SEO technology is excellent, which is completely wrong understanding.

The reason why the blog ranking is ahead is because the open source bloggers such as wordpress and z-blog are themselves search engine-friendly build programs. These programs themselves do a lot of optimization for search engines, and you don’t need to do them on the program. Any optimization, in addition to the background of these blog programs have a lot of convenient SEO features, as well as an automatic ping service, you can always remind search engines to crawl the latest blog posts.

However, the programs used in corporate websites are ever-changing, and the websites that use which programs are used, and the functions of the back-end of the websites are also in front of them, so this requires that seoer can modify the program itself, optimize the program itself, and also require the seoer to be proficient in using it. Instead of waiting for the background to give you the perfect seo function, the various seo tools are simple, because the functions of the backend of many programs in the enterprise station are very simple.

At the same time, this also tells the business manager a reason. When you choose seoer, first look at his success story. If his success story is an independent blog or forum, then such a success story can not prove the strength of a seoer, because the forum and blog. The same is true because the program itself is very beneficial for optimization. In short, blogging and forum SEO optimization may not be able to do enterprise station optimization, but the ability to do enterprise station optimization will soon allow blogs and forums to see rankings.