According to the well-known saying:

“Go to bed early and get up with good health”

A sound sleep is very necessary for the sound mind. There is seasonal difference in the international recommended sleep timing at night

In summer an average timing to fall asleep is 22: 00-23: 00, and respectively in winter generally the time of fall asleep is 10: 30-22: 30

At the same time, according to the season, the length of sleep time is adjusted in this manner, less sleep in the summer night, more sleep-in winter night and the time span of sleeping increases two time in cold!

Avarage Sleep timing is 7-8 hours in summer and 8-9 hours in winter. In winter the temperature of body decrease that’s why the sleeping time increases. Therefore in winter a person perform his duties more accurately than summer.

In Young children this span is increases on the basis of an addition of 1-3 hours, while in the elders it is reduced by 1-3 hours.

Now, the question is what time does a normal person take to sleep in night?

Regardless of the seasonal changes, on time the circadian body clock rhythm is 23: 00-24: 00 it is belong to the nocturnal sleep, under normal circumstances 23:00 should relax time to fall into sleep, beyond this time one can even stay up late night because the rhythmic time of our body to fall asleep is passes away. Occasionally , people who stay up all night can make up for their lost sleep time by taking an hour break during the daytime, but staying up late often does not good for their health even it decreases the health rapidly. The danger of staying up late is potential, long-term stay up late will cause a variety of damage to the body because after all body need relaxation and the best time for body’s relaxation is to sleep at night.

First, they often feel tired and their immune system declines. Often stay up all night the body is easy to fatigue, poor mental state, in addition to immunity will decline, cold season seasonal easy, many chronic inflammation will gradually invade the body.

Second, people who stay up late often have migraines. The day after you stay up all night, you often get confused during work or school during the day, unable to concentrate and even have headaches. If you stay up late for a long time, your memory will drop significantly.

Third, stay up all night long will cause dark circles, bags under the eyes, a direct impact on facial skin color, people look more old. Should continue to work when the rest should have been relaxed will lead to poor blood circulation around the eyes, causing dark circles, and even bloodshot eyes. In addition the female friend’s skin dry, pigmented wrinkles quietly climbed his face, but also easy to grow acne.

Fourth, long-term stay up late will slowly appear insomnia, forgetfulness, irritability, anxiety and other autonomic disorders, is not conducive to physical and mental health. And person who is suffering with insomnia will lost his mental and physical peace and he can’t be able to enjoy the beauty of life like the normal persons.